who we are


Mary King has been helping both native and non-native English speakers develop their writing and revising skills as a nationally-certified teacher of English as a Second Language and English Literature. Mary’s experience working with students from over 30 countries, at varying levels of prior schooling, allows her to meet the needs of her clients at their desired level of editing. She is a lifelong learner, earning degrees in business administration, education, developmental psychology, and school psychology. Mary attained certification in copyediting through UC San Diego, a program with courses in grammar and light, medium, and developmental editing. 


Elise Yoder has 25 years of experience in high-tech business communications. She has written and edited product marketing literature, product documentation, training courses, business plans, and strategy reports. She has published in peer-reviewed proceedings and online journals on the subjects of hypertext and automated text processing. Through the consulting company she founded, she has helped businesses create hypertext publications and knowledge-sharing portals. Elise holds a degree in Cognitive Science from Carnegie Mellon University, with a special interest in the psychology of the writing process. She has a certificate in environmental communications from Duke University - Nicholas School of the Environment.

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